Selling a Home in Tasmania

View Real Estate are in the business of selling your home, land, rural property, commercial property or business throughout Tasmania. For a free appraisal please contact us at your closest View Office.

Our Marketing

At VIEW, we’re really proud of the brand that we’ve created. We wanted a simple brand which, as we opened each office across Tasmania ,was instantly appealing across all market segments. Nothing fancy or silly and over the top but rather a clean image which ensures the properties we market take priority.

Most importantly, we’re just as excited about the exposure we can provide for your property in order to help you achieve a sale (or a let in the case of property management) for a pleasing price within a short time frame.


Our For Sale signs are designed to be striking and stand out so as to attract attention to your property whether they be our standard sign or a detailed photographic sign.

Marketing packages

We have several suggested marketing packages which you are welcome to choose from. Alternatively the View Crew can tailor one to suit both your requirements and that of your property.

Newspaper Guides

Our pages in the Real Estate Guides are designed to attract attention and display your property in an appealing manner.


We hope you’re enjoying looking over this website which is our flagship for attracting buyers both locally and from around the world! We also upload to many other real estate web sites including, and

There’s many other things we are doing at VIEW in order to attract as many buyers (and tenants) as we possibly can; far too many to list here! The View Crew would be only too happy to discuss all of our marketing initiatives with you.