Company Profile

Thanks again for VIEWing our web site. If you’re looking at this section we assume that you’d like to know what View is really about. To be honest, being a real estate agent doesn’t have to be rocket science. What is required though is for those that work in this industry to be honest in all of their dealings with the buying and selling (and renting) public.

That’s what we’re about. We just want our partners and employees to be honest, hard working people who enjoy what they do. Most importantly, we know they won’t do the wrong thing by our clients and customers.

Who is VIEW?
VIEW Australia operates on a model that allows all participants to concentrate on their particular area of expertise with the aim of creating a more rewarding experience. VIEW is part owned by like-minded real estate professionals who want to share their success and their VIEW with real estate professionals with aligned values.

As we have grown, other investors have been invited to add further strength to the group. VIEW partner shareholders plus employees in VIEW offices will have the opportunity (will in fact be encouraged) to invest in the business and not only profit from their own office, but also profit from the success of the overall business.

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